Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Released: Ruby's Gift

Wandering Leaf Publishing would like to announce the release of "Ruby's Gift" a short story by Emily Debenham. "Ruby's Gift" is available on amazon.

Ruby can play any song she hears on the piano without any practice, but she is terrified to play in front of a crowd. When she is forced to play in a crowded church meeting she learns a lesson that will sustain her family when her father leaves to serve a mission. Mormon Lit Blitz Finalist 2012.


Ruby filled the empty hours of Sunday afternoon playing hymns on the piano.  Her family was scattered around the house employed in various Sunday activities and she carved out the empty space of the parlor and filled it with music.
There was a knock at the door, the sound of bare feet dashing across the wood floor followed. A man’s voice asked for papa, and Ruby heard Sarah leading the man to the parlor. Ruby was surprised that the little twins hadn’t come toddling out. Ben probably kept them occupied in the other room, encouraging them to crawl over piles of quilts.
Ruby knew she should stop playing, but she wanted to finish her song. She heard Sarah direct the visitor to sit on the sofa.

 Nervous now that she had an attentive listener, Ruby’s fingers slipped over the last phrases of the song, causing the melody to disappear in a rush of wrong notes.   She sighed and turned to greet their visitor, only to find that Stake President Levine sat on their sofa. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Released: Eagle and Broken Halo by Kindal Debenham

Wandering Leaf Publishing is excited to announce the release of both Broken Halo (Wayfarers) and Eagle by Kindal Debenham. Eagle is the third book in the Jacob Hull trilogy. The first two books in the trilogy, Wolfhound and Badger, are on sale for $0.99 as a result. Broken Halo is the continuation of Gabriel Miller and Susan Delacourt's story in Iron Angels, which has also been discounted to $0.99. This is the first time these books have been on sale and we hope you will take the opportunity to pick them all up if you haven't had the chance before.

Broken Halo (Wayfarers)

The Wayfarers have escaped their former home in the Known Worlds. Their fleet, battered but unbroken, now searches the unknown regions of space for a new world to call home. Under the leadership of Susan Delacourt and Gabriel Miller, they have continued to survive despite obstacles and setbacks.
Yet their trials are not over. The Directorate of Defense, the military of the Known Worlds, has neither forgiven nor forgotten the defiance of the Wayfarers. A task force, led by the corrupt Admiral Nevlin, has followed them into the unknown with the intention of destroying their fleet and dragging them back to the Known Worlds for trial. As the two fleets race through the stars—one searching for a new beginning, the other hunting for prey—another threat waits within the darkness of unknown that could destroy them all.

The Celsotian Union has stopped the Oduran League’s offensive, but only at an agonizing price. Now the leader of the Celostian Navy, Jacob Hull receives the responsibility to pick up the pieces, but even as he struggles to rally the remnants of the crippled Navy a new danger looms. Rebellion simmers on the Frontier, and on the eve of yet another Oduran invasion, the Union experiences the bitterest division in its entire existence. At the center of the storm, Jacob Hull must outwit treacherous conspiracies and merciless foes. He must win—or else the entire Celostian Union will be left in ashes.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Released: The True Adventures of Hector Kingsley: Murders in Whitechapel

Wandering Leaf Publishing is excited to announce the release of The True Adventures of Hector Kingsley: Murders in Whitechapel by Kindal Debenham.

Murders in Whitechapel is the sequel to The True Adventures of Hector Kingsley, currently on sale for $.99. We hope that you take this opportunity to spread the word about this fun steampunk mystery series to all the book readers you know.
Hector Kingsley faces an impossible task.

The events of his previous investigations have left Hector with a deadly enemy. His nemesis is powerful, connected, and able to frustrate every attempt to bring him to justice. Even worse, his ultimate goal remains to be seen; all Hector can be sure of is that he faces a criminal mastermind who is more than willing to kill anyone who stands in his way.

At the same time, a serial killer branded the Dollmaker is terrorizing London. His victims vanish, never to be seen again, with only a small, mutilated figurine left in their place. Patricia, drawn to the hunt, asks for Hector’s help, and he has no choice but to agree. He quickly finds himself battling for both her life and his own against crime lords and murderers, and very quickly finds himself in a race to catch a killer—one he may be too late to stop.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Get a Free Copy of The True Adventures of Hector Kingsley

Wandering Leaf Publishing is looking for people interested in reviewing The True Adventure of Hector Kingsley on their blog tour in November.

The tour will begin November 12th and end on November 22nd.

Each reviewer will recieve a free e-book copy of the True Adventures of Hector Kingsley in exchange for their honest reivew on an active blog.

If you are interested please e-mail me at gamila.walrus@gmail.com.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Black and White Picture Books

Wandering Leaf Publishing is pleased to annouce that three new black and white picture books by Emily Debenham are avaliable to purchase on amazon and smashwords.

Bird Speak avaliable at smashwords and amazon

Vehicles Sound avaliable at smashwords and amazon .
Stellar Heroes Avaliable at smashwords and amazon

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Double Release: Badger and Iron Angels

Wandering Leaf Publishing would like to announce that Badger the sequel to Wolfhound is now available to purchase on Amazon and will be available at Smashwords before the end of the week. Iron Angels, our novel slated to come out in May, also came out today. If you would like to know the reasons for the delay you may read the author's explanation on his blog.
Captain Jacob Hull has seen better days.
The Celostian Union is under attack on all fronts by the Oduran League, now allied with the pirates of Telos. As Jacob struggles to help stem the tide of Oduran aggression, he has to face political machinations and bitter divisions at home that are as much a threat to the Union as any Oduran task force. Yet in spite of the challenges, Jacob must learn to overcome these obstacles and once again lead those under his command to victory, because if he does not, the alternative will mean death for the people he holds dear.

No journey is ever easy.
For the followers of the Way, that statement rings doubly true. Isolated, persecuted and despised throughout the Known Worlds, the Wayfarers have decided to flee into the unknown. Their hope: to find some refuge among the stars where they can live in peace.
But a threat lurks in deep space. A band of mercenaries, hired to wipe out the Wayfarers, is now closing in on their last sanctuary. Only the efforts of Gabriel Miller, the son of the leader of the Wayfarers, and those of Susan Delacourt, a former Directorate officer, can lead the fleet to safety. As time is running out, they must work together to defend their home and to help the followers of the Way reach freedom—or watch their last hopes die.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Released: The Shoe App

Wandering Leaf Publishing would like to announce the release of "The Shoe App" a short story by Emily Debenham. "The Shoe App" is available at both Smashwords and Amazon Kindle.

Catherine, a tall, shoe-obsessed, programmer is looking for a six foot tall male to date but runs into Mormon missionaries instead. Flash Fiction. Semi-Finalist in Mormon Lit Blitz 2012.


Catherine liked setting up her laptop in the cafĂ© because the Internet was free and she had hacked the video camera feed outside.  From that she had created an app that would ping anytime a man over six feet entered the store.
Graced with her father’s lanky genes, she had hit 5’10 in the tenth grade and stayed there.  Worse, she had an addiction to three inch heels, courtesy of her mother, a heritage she clung to since she passed. So she needed the man in her life to tow the 6 feet tall line.
Otherwise the thousands of dollars she had invested in shoes would go to waste on their custom built racks in her generous walk-in closet. Her mother had always said “A good pair of shoes will chase away the blues.” Something Catherine had desperately needed after she was gone. Her obsession was more than mere vanity.
She would burn her shoes before she allowed others to label her as vain.
Catherine was chic, savvy, fashionable, and determined. Not vain.
Her phone pinged.
She looked up as the tinkle of bells signaled the entrance of a tall, dark, 6’2 hunk of man. Sure his chin was a bit too prominent and his stomach had a small pouch, but all that was forgivable in relation to his glorious height. She ran her fingers through her hair, glossed her lips and headed over to greet him.