Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Double Release: Badger and Iron Angels

Wandering Leaf Publishing would like to announce that Badger the sequel to Wolfhound is now available to purchase on Amazon and will be available at Smashwords before the end of the week. Iron Angels, our novel slated to come out in May, also came out today. If you would like to know the reasons for the delay you may read the author's explanation on his blog.
Captain Jacob Hull has seen better days.
The Celostian Union is under attack on all fronts by the Oduran League, now allied with the pirates of Telos. As Jacob struggles to help stem the tide of Oduran aggression, he has to face political machinations and bitter divisions at home that are as much a threat to the Union as any Oduran task force. Yet in spite of the challenges, Jacob must learn to overcome these obstacles and once again lead those under his command to victory, because if he does not, the alternative will mean death for the people he holds dear.

No journey is ever easy.
For the followers of the Way, that statement rings doubly true. Isolated, persecuted and despised throughout the Known Worlds, the Wayfarers have decided to flee into the unknown. Their hope: to find some refuge among the stars where they can live in peace.
But a threat lurks in deep space. A band of mercenaries, hired to wipe out the Wayfarers, is now closing in on their last sanctuary. Only the efforts of Gabriel Miller, the son of the leader of the Wayfarers, and those of Susan Delacourt, a former Directorate officer, can lead the fleet to safety. As time is running out, they must work together to defend their home and to help the followers of the Way reach freedom—or watch their last hopes die.

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